UKIP calls on Energy Secretary to drop the playground technologies and get back to reality

Published Jan 09, 2016

Roger_Helmer_portrait.jpgEnergy Secretary Amber Rudd has reportedly said that leaving the EU would have “unknown consequences”, for Britain’s energy security and energy pricing, and that “Britain would lose its influence on European energy markets”. She advances this as a reason to stay in the EU.

UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP responded saying, "Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is hopelessly out-of-touch with the basics of energy pricing.

"Is it possible that she can be unaware of the vast damage being done by EU energy policy, as the EU seeks to “lead on the fight against climate change”, oblivious to the fact that no one else is following? Has she not read of the “industrial massacre” which former EU Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani has so graphically described? Has she not noticed the steel plants closing across Britain, and across Europe -- caused in large part by high energy costs? And not just steel plants, but aluminium smelters, oil refiners, chemical and fertiliser plants, glass and ceramic and cement factories?

"She castigates the energy companies, and asserts that “the best way to deliver lower energy prices for consumers is to have better competition in the market”. No it’s not, Ms. Rudd. The best way to deliver lower energy prices for households and industry is to stop the Gadarene stampede towards expensive, intermittent and unreliable renewables, and instead switch to proven, reliable, cost-effective electricity generation.

"As a direct result of energy policies imposed by Brussels, we are driving jobs and industry and investment out of the EU altogether, often to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards, thus arguably increasing emissions while we undermine our economy. Far from being a reason to stay in the EU, energy policy is one of the most vital arguments for Brexit.

"So don’t tell me about the 3½ million jobs that Nick Clegg says we may lose when we leave the EU. Tell me instead about the jobs we are losing today, as a result of perverse EU energy policies. And while you’re at it, please also tell those unemployed steel workers.”

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