UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther attacks “appalling cynicism” of bid to confuse voters by rival party using similar name and slogan


UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther today urged party supporters to take extra care to “look on the ballot paper for the UKIP name and our famous £ sign logo” when they vote in next month’s European and local elections.

Mr Crowther spoke out after former UKIP member Mike Natrass registered with the Electoral Commission the party name “An Independence From Europe” and the description “UK Independence Now”. His tiny splinter group will now be listed top of ballot papers for the European elections, potentially tricking voters who wish to register their support for UKIP.

“We are extremely disappointed that Natrass has been able to cause confusion and potentially to deny some voters from exercising their democratic choice. But we are also sure the vast majority of voters will see through this and consign Natrass and his small band of adherents to the oblivion they so richly deserve after this appalling display of cynicism.

“Our message is to look further down the ballot paper, which will list parties in alphabetical order, till you find ‘UK Independence Party (UKIP)’ and our famous pound sign logo.

“It is unfortunately too late to overturn the decision to permit Natrass to use this description on ballot papers next month so we will just have to roll our sleeves up and redouble our efforts to make sure people remember: look for UKIP and the £ logo.

“We are used in this party to overcoming obstacles that are put in our way and I am quite sure we can overcome this one as well.”

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