UKIP condemns strategy of British jobs advertised to Polish speakers only

Published Oct 15, 2015

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins has spoken out against adverts on British recruitment websites aimed solely at Polish speakers.

Mrs Collins commented after she was contacted by job seekers who were angered to see British jobs being advertised specifically to people living outside of the UK when they are struggling to find work themselves.

The jobs advertised on the website included an English speaking nurse and hotel staff.

The agency responsible for the advert said they would provide successful candidates with accommodation in the UK and arrange travel from Poland.

"There are people in the UK desperate for work yet we are exporting our jobs to other EU countries," she said.

"There may be plenty of employment opportunities in and around London but in my region of Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire and other more rural counties people, especially young people, can struggle to find work.

"Because of EU open borders we have allowed wages to be pushed down to the very minimum, with employers using tax credits to bump up the salaries of their staff at the expense of the tax payer.

"And it allows agencies to openly discriminate against British workers in their own country which no self respecting government should allow."

Examples of specific jobs can be found here and here.


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