UKIP congratulates President of the European Council Donald Tusk for proclaiming that “Europe is a 'cultural community' whose heritage must be preserved”.

Published Nov 01, 2017

David Meacock, UKIP's new Culture and Arts spokesman said “We in UKIP have said for ages that not only should the UK limit migration because the unplanned-for a million net migrants every three years are overwhelming the UK’s infrastructure and State services, but we also need to preserve the British way of life by for example everyone speaking and reading English. So, I’m very pleased that Mr Tusk seems to be beginning to see the light by also recognising ‘the need to rebuild effective control of our [the EU’s] external borders’ – one reason why 17.4 million UK voters voted to leave the EU.”

"We can but hope that Mr Tusk’s recent awakening to share UKIP’s pragmatic views could yet lead to a BREXIT deal which while not imperative would be in everyone’s best interest."

As a newly elected Councillor, Meacock caused consternation in some quarters when saying that his council shouldn’t be contributing to a translation service and that people who expected to live in the UK and be regarded as British citizens should learn to speak English as the first stage of integration and so fund any translation requirements themselves. But it was a view to be echoed a few years later by Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett MP.

"British culture is under threat not just from migrants but also from 5th columns within the UK" he said "the Establishment’s Politically Correct multi-culturists, aka no-high culturists, Brigade such as some teachers who are leaving school pupils socially ignorant by even failing to include any traditional Carols within Nativity plays – sometimes nonsensically ‘justified’ by not wanting to offend people of other faiths, and/or because their school is not a Church of England school. Our shared heritage is also being undermined by the Church's own Bishops often failing to uphold their canonical vows by adhering to the traditional Christian teaching of right and wrong. The clergy’s inadequacy is even worse than the growing threat from Sharia Law as, just as Mr Tusk has acknowledged, sadly some such as the Islamic community or more often others on their behalf, seem to want to impose other cultures on us rather than accept our Judeo/Christian heritage – which is somewhat ironic given it was presumably at least part of what attracted most migrants to the UK in the first place."

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