UKIP continue to lead in Norfolk County Council

Published May 18, 2015

council.jpgAt the Annual General Meeting of Norfolk County Council today the UKIP group was elected to continue leading key areas of the Council. Cllr Rex Parkinson-Hare who was elected in 2009 in Great Yarmouth has been unanimously elected to the position of Chairman of Norfolk County Council.

Cllr Rex Parkinson- Hare said,  "I am very grateful to be elected to such a prestigious role and thank all of my colleagues for their support. I look forward to being an ambassador for the County Council and will continue to work hard to promote the Great County of Norfolk."

After a UKIP motion in 2013 Norfolk County Council replaced the undemocratic Cabinet system with a Committee System of Governance in 2014. This consisted of five service committees and the chairmen are elected annually at the AGM.

Today UKIP Group Leader Cllr Toby Coke was re elected Chair of Environment, Development and Transport committee. In this role Toby will be pushing forward with major infrastructure projects, heading up the future of waste management.

Toby Coke commented "This has been a great day for UKIP. We have retained significant leadership posts and now hold the position of Chairman of the Council, which I believe is the first UKIP County Council Chairman ever. We will continue to work hard for the people of Norfolk and protect frontline services."

Also, UKIP Cllr Paul Smyth, a former RAF wing commander was re-elected Chair of The Communities Commitee, covering Libraries, Public Health, Museums and the Fire Service.

Furthermore, UKIP Cllr Jonathon Childs was elected to become Vice Chair of Economic Development which will be overseeing income generation and job creation within Norfolk with nationally significant flagship projects such as the Heathel Engineering centre and former RAF Coltishall.

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