UKIP Councillors Association Chairman calls for Councillors to endorse Grassroots Out

Published Feb 09, 2016

David_Sprason.jpgFollowing Friday’s announcement of unanimous support by UKIP MEPs for the Brexit campaign Grassroots Out, the Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association David Sprason has called for all UKIP Councillors to follow suit and back Grassroots Out.

David Sprason said "It is clear to me that the only group who are actually engaging with people on the doorstep is 'Grassroots Out'. It reflects the work UKIP Councillors carry out on a regular basis so I think it is time that all UKIP Councillors support and get behind Grassroots Out. It has proved to be a truly cross party campaign working to get us out of the undemocratic EU"

Nigel Farage said “A genuine cross-party group has emerged: Grassroots Out. And I pay tribute to Conservative MPs Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove along with Labour’s Kate Hoey and others for launching this initiative.

“With the unanimous support of our MEPs we now commit to supporting Grassroots Out and want our branches and members to join with GO as a means of working with activists from other parties and none.”

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