UKIP criticises the agreement between the European Commission and tech firms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft to tackle hate speech online

Published May 31, 2016

IMG_6165.jpgUKIP Culture Spokesman and London Assembly member Peter Whittle said: "In recent times, we have seen a number of disturbing developments, of which this is just the latest, which undermine the precious value of freedom of speech upon which our democracy is based.

"The nebulous and vague language used in this European Commission drafted Code of Conduct combined with the cultural differences across the EU, which are so stark, makes me fear that genuine free speech and the holding of sincere and honest beliefs, such as being opposed to creation of a European supranational state, could lead to such opinions being removed from the internet under the flimsiest of pretences.

"I am also uncomfortable with private institutions enforcing a common EU policy and I do passionately believe that matters related to our civil liberties should be determined at a national not European level.

"We in UKIP understand that our freedoms were hard won. We will defend freedom of speech - not just against those who seek to limit it, but in place of those in our establishment who lack the will or the courage to protect it."

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