UKIP Culture spokesman responds to Emily Thornberry


sidebar.jpgThe snobbish insult towards patriotic working class people shown in Labour's Emily Thornberry notorious tweet from Rochester this week was not a one-off. It was characteristic of the general attitude towards ordinary people and especially their patriotism which is held right across the left-liberal establishment in Britain.

"Emily Thornberry's tweet was typical of a dislike both of ordinary people and their pride in Britain which is widespread and embedded across the liberal establishment," said Peter Whittle, UKIP's Culture Spokesman. "They have an instinctive distaste for patriotism, and British patriotism in particular.

"It's not just the political class. Our academic and cultural establishment, our educational establishment - they all tend to share similar attitudes.An embarrassment about our history, a dislike of the whole idea of a 'nation' - and an antipathy towards anybody who wishes to celebrate these things. They have shaped our cultural landscape for decades now - and their influence has been hugely destructive.

"UKIP is the first party to challenge this. People from all walks of life are realising that we are the only party that truly celebrates pride in Britain, its people and its amazing achievements. British patriotism is benign and inclusive; it is a great force for good and not to be sneered at or subject to the constant denigration of the past few decades.

"We are the only party challenging these old, worn out attitudes of the liberal establishment. And we're doing it in the most democratic and effective way of all - through the ballot box."

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