UKIP Defence Spokesman brands Cameron irresponsible over dismissing US concerns


MikeHookem.jpgUKIP’s Defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has today branded David Cameron as “irresponsible” in dismissing the head of the US Army’s concerns over the impact of cuts to the UK’s armed forces.

Mike said, “We have a commitment to our NATO partners to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence. In light of a deteriorating world security situation, we need to stick to this as closely as possible if we are to meet both present and future challenges to UK security. The fact is that due to the Cameron’s cuts, Britain’s armed forces are currently stretched to breaking point. Not to recognise this is simply irresponsible.”

“UKIP believe that the defence of the realm is the first duty of government, and we take this seriously. That is why we are committed to raising defence spending to pre-SDSR 2010 levels over the course of the next parliament, and are the only major party who will aim to reach the 2% NATO commitment.”

“We know from the SDSR 2010 that the Conservatives do not take UK defence seriously, and recent comments show that they are thinking of even further defence cuts if they win another term. This is simply madness.”

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