UKIP Defence Spokesman – “Children intrinsic in keeping alive the memory of the fallen”

Published Oct 26, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has described a decision by Biggleswade Royal British Legion to stop children parading on Remembrance Sunday as “disgraceful and disrespectful to both the fallen of the past, and to today’s armed forces.”

Army veteran, Mr Hookem went on to say; “Having young people involved in Remembrance is more important than ever, because the two world wars are quickly slipping from living memory.”

“Denying children the chance to pay their respects and learn about the sacrifices that allowed them their freedom today is disrespectful to the fallen. It’s a disgrace!”

“Maybe the local Royal British Legion in Biggleswade should remember the words of Binyon’s poem, ‘For the Fallen’, that states, ‘We will remember them’.”

“By excluding children from this type of parade, I’m afraid that it could soon become yet another British tradition that falls by the wayside through ignorance. That’s why I’m calling on the British Legion to come out and state why they have taken this action.”

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