UKIP Defence Spokesman – “Corbyn kidding himself on a nuclear free world”

Published Sep 30, 2015


UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn for his “dream world” view of global nuclear security, saying; “Corbyn needs to get real and realise that the UK faces a whole new range of global nuclear threats.”

Commenting after the Labour leader told Radio 4 that he would not press the nuclear button and that he believed in a “nuclear free world”, Mr Hookem said, “I know there have been media reports of Corbyn being sympathetic to terrorists organisations in the West Bank, Ireland and Iran; but to commit himself to scrapping the UK’s nuclear deterrent and leaving this country defenceless in a world full of nuclear proliferation, is short sighted and nothing short of dangerous.”

Mr Hookem continued, “Does Jeremy Corbyn not realise that we now face nuclear threats from countries such as North Korea, Pakistan, Iran; and if recent reports prove correct, even from our old cold war adversary, Russia?”

“For many years, Mr Corbyn has been sat on the backbenches opposing everything. However as a potential British Prime Minister, he would be called upon the make tough moral and ethical decisions. Take for example his opposition to tackling IS in Syria, which seems to be splitting the Labour party. Maybe someone in his team should remind him that the first duty of government is the defence of British citizens. If Mr Corbyn feels he is unable to take these tough decisions, he’s in the wrong job.”

“The world has never been so dangerous and Jeremy Corbyn needs to wake up and realise the facts rather than living in some 1980’s left-wing, utopian dream world.”

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