UKIP Defence Spokesman furious at Veterans Pensions freeze

Published Dec 16, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has reacted furiously to news that ministers are to freeze the pensions of 140,000 veterans and widows in 2016-2017 saying, “This move is an utter betrayal of everything the military covenant stands for.”

Former soldier, Mr Hookem continued, “despite all the guarantees of honouring the military covenant and the government’s spin during the recent SDSR of improving the lot of our armed forces, Cameron is leaving veterans and war widows out in the cold.”

“This pensions freeze is utterly two faced when you consider how only a few weeks ago, ministers were pushing to send our brave forces into action once again. It seems the while ministers are very quick to send our forces in to battle, they feel no need to repay their bravery and loyalty when veterans need the help.”

“While the Conservatives still like to paint themselves as the party of the armed forces, nothing could be further from the truth. It seems they are actual intent on continuing the trend of previous governments by ignoring the needs of veterans and war widows.”

“And we are not talking about a few pounds here. This will leave some seriously injured veterans up to £270 worse off. That could ensure that they get heating bills paid - and of course there's no freeze on those price rises.”

"War veterans aren't just 'pensioners' - they often have complex injuries. This is why UKIP values the military covenant and continues to push for the 2007 Command Paper to be properly enforced.”

"It’s an utter disgrace and I urge the government to quickly think again and apply the same “triple lock” that applies to state pensions.”

“This betrayal, following the Sgt Nolan case - who was sacked from the army a few days before he would qualify for a pension pay out - really highlights the true disregard the traditional political classes have for those who risk everything to defend our country.”

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