UKIP defence spokesman says the UK must not give up its nuclear deterrent in an ever changing and unstable security environment

Published Jul 18, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has urged MP’s to vote for the renewal of Britain’s nuclear deterrent saying, “Opposition to a Trident replacement is grossly irresponsible and damaging to Britain’s national security.”

The Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP added, “Renewing Trident not only safeguard’s Britain’s security, but it also ensures the UK’s place on the world stage.”

Mr Hookem’s comments come as MPs are due to vote on a replacement for Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent programme, which currently sees a nuclear-armed submarine continuously patrolling somewhere in the world’s oceans throughout the year.

Senior UKIP official, Mr Hookem said, “In a world with a rapidly changing security situation, that now includes the potential for both state and non-state actors to access nuclear material, it is crucial that we continue to have a nuclear option available as part of our overall national defence strategy.”

“Those opposed to Trident renewal, many of whom have branded the UK’s nuclear deterrent ‘redundant' simply do not know what they are talking about!”

“To say that a threat from either an established or emerging nuclear power will not develop in the next 40 years is short-termism in the extreme.”

“We must look at the overall picture and understand that the world’s security environment is amorphous and changing on an almost daily basis.” 

“You only have to look at how quickly a bankrupt state such as North Korea has managed to progress their nuclear programme to see the types of future threats we could face.”

“And despite last year’s deal on Iranian nuclear weapons development, in an unstable region such as the Middle East and Central Asia, who knows what threats could emerge over the 30-year lifespan of the programme.”

“The fact is, we have to have a defence strategy that allows the UK the most flexible, cohesive response to any potential threat both present and future. The only way to do this is through renewing Trident.”

UKIP London Assembly Member Peter Whittle also commented saying, "The last Prime Minister stripped the armed forces back to the bone. To vote not to renew Trident is absurd, and would leave us at the mercy of the world's global players."

"We live in turbulent times, and must be ready to protect ourselves and our allies. I fear that without Trident we will drift into military insignificance."

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