UKIP Defence Spokesman welcomes decision by Field Marshal Lord Guthrie to switch to Leave side

Published Jun 19, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed the decision by former British Army chief, Field Marshal Lord Guthrie to switch sides to the Leave campaign saying; "more and more former and serving military personnel are waking up to how developed the structure of an EU army already is and the dangers this poses to the UK’s security."

Mr Hookem, who has been speaking out on the development of plan for an EU army since his election as an MEP in 2014, said, "I am very pleased that Lord Guthrie has realised his mistake in signing the Downing Street defence letter and spoken out over his fears on the development of an EU army.

"Lord Guthrie joins a long list of distinguished former and serving senior military personnel who are extremely concerned that Britain’s armed forces could be swallowed up by the EU if the public chooses to remain.

"Many British politicians are in total denial on the issue of an EU army, but I sit week after week in the European Parliament listening to the plans develop, including the EU mission in Libya, so I not only know it’s on the agenda but also how advanced the plans actual are.

"And despite David Cameron protestations that the UK would veto any plans for the EU army, I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. He has damaged the UK military with his disastrous SDSRs.

"Cameron simply does not have the clout within the EU to stop anything, and there are already rumours that he has sold the UK’s armed forces down the river to achieve his disastrous renegotiation.

"The fact is, the only way to stop the EU seizing control of our armed forces is to vote leave next week."

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