UKIP demand Lord Hanningfield has title removed


CMLJ20140415F-013_C.jpegUKIP County Councillors in Essex are leading the charge for former Tory peer Lord Hanningfield, who was charged with six counts of false accounting, to lose his peerage.

At yesterday's corportate scrutiny committee meeting at Essex County Council, the Leader of the County Council agreed to take up a UKIP initiative for Lord Hanningfield to have his title removed. This was after the Conservatives voted for no further action to be taken.

UKIP's Essex County Council Leader Cllr Jamie Huntman said: "In my view he is unfit to remain a peer of the realm, this man's largesse knew no bounds when it came to spending taxpayers money. Essex people work long and hard for what they earn and I believe he should be stripped of his peerage."

"The Leader of Essex County Council agreed to take up this UKIP initiative and has said he will write to the House of Lords on behalf of the County Council to ask Lord Hanningfield has his title removed which we believe would be a fair and just consequence of his actions."​​

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