UKIP demands action to prevent Chinese steel dumping

Published Oct 30, 2015

Malmstrom_on_import_of_Chinese_steel_22_10_2015_(2)-page-001.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP and UKIP Trade spokesman has written to EU Trade Commissioner Malmström demanding that action must be taken to prevent further Chinese steel imports being sold at a lower price of production in the UK, which has already led to the loss of thousands of British jobs. Following this it has emerged that the UK government has requested an emergency EU meeting to discuss this crisis.

In the letter William Dartmouth MEP stated, "I urge you as Trade Commissioner to effect anti-dumping duties on imports of steel from China entering the EU. These anti-dumping tariffs must be fully proportionate to be able to safeguard the UK steel industry (as well as the steel industry in other EU member states) from further damage occasioned by anticompetitive practices on the part of steel producers in China."

(click the image to see the letter in full)

He also highlighted the damage this practice has already on the UK steel sector, "Already SSI has been forced to cut 2,200 jobs in the UK, and Tata Steel a further 1,200 jobs."

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