UKIP demands Labour MEP resign over repugnant claims about disabled people


UKIP’s National Disabilities Spokesman is demanding the resignation of a Labour MEP who has issued repugnant comments claiming UKIP believe disabled children should be aborted and that people with learning difficulties should be put in camps.

Star Etheridge, UKIP’s National Disabilities Spokesman, has today demanded the resignation of Richard Howitt MEP following offensive tweets slurring the party’s name.

Richard Howitt MEP has come under fire on Facebook following his “repulsive remarks” on social media in which he stated:
“UKIP says abort disabled children, put people w/learning diffs in camps & bans disabled candidates.” (sic) See pic attached.

Reacting to the vile comments today Star Etheridge, who is disabled and is also an elected UKIP councillor in Dudley, called for Mr Howitt to do the honourable thing and resign.

She said: “As a disabled person myself who encourages all other disabled people to enter politics, I find Mr Howitt’s repulsive comments deeply insulting and it is clear that he is not fit for office.

“He should hang his head in shame, issue an apology and stand down as an MEP. I am proud to be a UKIP councillor, I am proud to be UKIP’s Disabilities Spokesman. Mr Howitt’s comments are despicable.”

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