UKIP Deputy Leader accuses the ECJ of facilitating "shady back room deals"

Published Jun 05, 2015

The European Court of Justice yesterday (04/06/2015) ruled in favour of the Commission's right to protect the confidentiality of trade documents, including important documents on TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact) such as offers by the EU on tariffs, services, investment and procurement .
UKIP MEP and Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said, "The Commission last November promised to make all of the negotiating texts publicly available, for them to go back on this promise so quickly stinks of dishonesty. It is clear the last thing that the Commission want is this information to be made public as TTIP simply isn't in our national interest. UKIP was the only major UK party to oppose TTIP in a Committee vote on Wednesday and this move simply justifies that decision further."

"This judgement is simply facilitating shady back room deals between unelected bureaucrats and transnational corporate fat cats. I call upon the Commission to stay true to their word and make all of the documents available publicly. This level of deceit and dishonestly simply won't be tolerated by the British people and quite frankly they deserve better."

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