UKIP Deputy Leader brands new alcohol health warnings 'ludicrous'


paulnuttall.jpgCalls for health warnings to be put on alcohol have been called 'ludicrous' by UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall. The proposal headed up by Tracy Crouch MP and the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Alcohol Misuse, has been described by the party as unnecessary and heavy handed.

"If these killjoys had actually read the statistics coming out of the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) they would know that the level of drinking is not a "national pandemic" as they breathlessly claim, but on a long term downward trend.

“Underage drinking has dropped from 61% to 43% in the last ten years and all other parts of society are seeing significant drops. This is due largely to better public information and education. The only increase is the amount of household spending on alcohol, caused not by increased drinking but by increased taxes and the amount spent on trweatment which shows that the issue is already being taken seriously.

"Of course we should be concerned by excessive drinking, but adding health warnings indiscriminately on a bottle of claret seems more about the uglification of society, rather than concern for public health.

"These plans go against the grain of a freedom loving country, so it is worth trying to find out where they come from. It will not surprise any student of recent British legislation that the European Commission has, this year, published a study into alcohol labelling, it says,

"The possible means to increase the proportion of beverage labels including health related messages should therefore be explored; legal requirements for messages on alcoholic beverages are the ultimate means of doing this".

“So this looks like the EU's little helpers are trying to get this into UK law before they are forced to by Brussels.

“What we are seeing from these people, who wish to undermine a successful industry, employing tens of thousands across the country, is a demonstration of brute political power, rather than any concern for our freedoms, liberty and health".

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