UKIP dismayed after police fail to stop protesters in Rotherham


UKIP have voiced their dismay with the conduct of South Yorkshire Police with regards to today's long standing visit by Nigel Farage to the Rotherham campaign shop opening which was disrupted by the Socialist Workers Party, the TUSC and several former Labour Party Councillors creating several serious public safety issues.

Whilst UKIP has had a good working relationship with many Police services throughout the country on this occasion we feel let down. UKIP had made contact with local police services on the Tuesday of this week to discuss the policing of the event, a CAD reference number was given and back up had been promised in the event of any disturbances.

Furthermore the police were made aware of the planned demonstration that we had identified, and yet the Borough Commander in Rotherham failed to formulate a suitable response or commit further resources to help.

The police also made assurances that they would monitor the demonstration, promising that if the protesters moved towards the campaign shop from where they had assembled that they would inform us and stop them. They did neither.

South Yorkshire Police's continued failures to act allowed a group of protesters to disrupt the event but more importantly created several serious public safety issues.

Whilst UKIP fully support the right for people to protest in a lawful manner we also believe that all people should be able to go about their lawful business freely.

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