UKIP Economic Spokesman slams 'Lux Leaks' fiasco


PatrickOflynn.jpgPatrick O'Flynn, UKIP Economics Spokesman, argues how Luxembourg Tax Loopholes show why EU kowtows to big business and says EU Commissioner and former Luxembourg Premier, Jean-Claude Juncker, has a lot of questions to answer.

"The EU actually facilitates tax avoidance by enabling multinational corporations to channel earnings through whichever member state they want.

"Luxembourg were happy to do dirty dealings with the big corporations to maximise their revenues at the cost of tens of billions of pounds that should have ended up in the UK public realm.

"New Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has lots of questions to answer. He was Premier for 18 years while all these deals were taking place.

"It's no wonder multinationals are so keen on EU membership, as we often see when big business leaders are summoned by the Government to scaremonger about Britain leaving. But this is exactly why it is not in the UK's interest to stay in and shows very clearly just how cosy the lobbyists and the EU Commission are."

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