UKIP Education spokesman expresses backing for students who are protesting today in London over tuition fees


PaulNutall-new1.jpgUKIP Education Spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP said, "I was opposed to tuition fees from the start, I rightly thought they would saddle bright young people with a debt that many could never repay. I also correctly believed that they would hit students from poorer backgrounds the hardest.

"These students go off to university with no concept of the debt that they will rack up in the following three years and UKIP thinks it is wrong they should be saddled with such a millstone around their necks.

"To end this great social injustice UKIP would remove the young people who have shown ability from having to pay tuition fees if they take a degree course in the sciences, technology, maths or medicine.

"Grants would be mean tested where family income exceeds £80,000 and we would also scrap Tony Blair's ridiculous idea of sending 50% of 18-year-olds to university."

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