UKIP Employment Spokesman responds to the latest UK Labour Market Statistics

Published Feb 17, 2016

jane-collins.jpgResponding to the latest UK Labour Market Statistics, UKIP Employment Spokesman Jane Collins pointed to the "obvious and transparent discrimination against British workers" which has been taking place in the UK jobs market.

"For years now companies have been actively recruiting Eastern European workers for UK jobs, offering relocation packages and accommodation for work in sectors from health care to building.

"On the UK government's own website we see this discrimination taking place, with painters and decorators expecting to speak Polish or estate agents in Yorkshire needing to speak Romanian. To openly specify workers from that country would be illegal but to ask for language fluency isn't.

"So it's no wonder we have seen such a boost in foreign workers in the UK jobs market: 75% of new jobs last year went to non UK workers. Big companies can hire cheap workers at the minimum wage and use tax credits funded by British tax payers to top up their low salaries. No wonder these huge companies love the EU!"

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