UKIP Financial Affairs Spokesman calls Lord Hill's Commissioner Appointment a 'cynical ruse'


SteveWoolfe.jpgLord Hill's appointment as Commissioner of Financial Services is little more than a bribe to buy the trust of the British people into thinking the UK financial services sector is in safe hands, argues UKIP's Financial Affair's Spokesman, Steven Woolfe.

Many of the UK's leading business leaders have smelt the coffee and concluded that the EU has a clear agenda to assault Britain's most valuable industry which they wish to mask behind the appointment of a UK delegate. Many business leaders have subsequently broken ranks and have recognised that in order for our financial industry to survive and prosper, the UK should leave the EU.

Steven Woolfe, UKIP's Financial Affairs spokesman commented, "This is a pyrrhic victory for David Cameron. Hill's appointment is a cynical ruse, and gives the financial industry and the thousands whom work in it, little more than false hope. The EU has a clear agenda on wanting to dilute and undermine our financial services industry. As a coordinator on the EUs powerful Economic and Monetary affairs committee, I have seen the unaccountable commission commit to further regulations, increased charges and proposed taxes that will lead to a loss of business and jobs in the UK.


"Relief in Lord Hill's appointment is misplaced. Even if he rejected every power grab by the EU, the other federalist commissioners have the will and ability outvote him. This would leave Britain even more isolated.

"All commissioners must swear a solemn oath pledging their loyalty to the European Union. Lord hill will not act in the interests of the British people and will continue to mislead the British people that the fight to reform the EU is realistic and winnable."

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