UKIP give a reserved welcome to the appointment of a Small Business Tsar

Published Oct 03, 2017

“The appointment of Paul Uppal, a former Tory MP who opposed even having a referendum, has raised eyebrows amid claims of nepotism”, said Ernie Warrender, the UKIP Small Business spokesman.

Mr Uppal, who lists his qualifications as an Accountant, Solicitor and a builder so it is hoped this amazing spread of qualifications will enable him to understand all aspects of Small business.

Mr Warrender continued, “As a party opposed to the increasing spread of of Quango's, it seems at odds with Tory claims to cut them.

“Given that the Government already has a Champion for Small Business in the person of Margot James the Minister, I wonder what the purpose really is for employing a retread and a whole new office which will not be operational for a good few months. It is essential the Government come clean about the costs, and the expected benefits of the new Commissioner.”

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