UKIP growth a direct threat to Labour


BillEtheridge.jpgLeading research has shown that UKIP can win seats from Labour and could cost them the general election next year. Dr Matthew Goodwin, a renowned academic at the University of Nottingham, has today shown that UKIP is drawing support from Labour across the country. UKIP showed strong performances in European and local election results in seats like Rotherham, Great Grimsby and Dudley North.

Bill Etheridge MEP, UKIP’s PPC for Dudley North says that he has long known that strong support was coming from Labour voters.

“It is great to see UKIP finally giving Labour some opposition in traditional heartlands they have always been taken for granted. I look forward to challenging them for parliamentary seats next year too. We are seeing UKIP growth all over the country and challenging the old establishment parties.”

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