Don't believe the lies of desperate Labour


UKIP Head of policy Tim Aker last night warned voters not to believe Labour’s misinformation and lies about the party.

Mr Aker confirmed UKIP’s commitment to the NHS free at the point of delivery – despite groups linked to Labour claiming the opposite.

And he warned voters that in fact it is Labour insiders who have an agenda to make people for the NHS and cut the state pension.

Mr Aker said: “Labour are the party that carried on the PFI project in the NHS. In addition their open borders policies turned it into an international health service, costing £2bn per year. 

“Only recently Labour’s Lord Warner announced plans to charge NHS patients £10 a month to use the NHS.  Labour are only putting around lies about UKIP to hide their own agenda. 

“UKIP will defend the NHS and services you rely on.  Money can be saved from the quangos and we can get better value but we support and defend the policy that healthcare should be free at the point of need.  The other parties want cuts at home while sending £55m a day to the EU and increasing foreign aid.  UKIP believes charity begins at home.”

He added: “Labour’s Rachel Reeves, shadow work and pensions secretary, admitted recently that they would include the state pension in their social security spending cap, which will cut the state pension. 

“UKIP opposes any transfer of powers to the EU.  Westminster should decide on maternity and worker rights – not the EU. This is why we vote against proposals like these in the European Parliament.  What we give to the EU we cannot get back.  UKIP campaigns to get British workers back into employment.  We oppose the over-use of zero hours contracts. 

“We want social housing to be prioritised for residents with strong local links.  We want work permits to fill skills gaps but we want to create as many opportunities and chances for everyone in this country as we possibly can. This is a positive agenda to support and strengthen the British workforce. Don’t fall for Labour’s dirty tricks in this election.”

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