UKIP Health Spokesman responds to outrageous EHIC card loophole

Published Aug 10, 2015

11850986_10153553370694044_1480921525_n.jpgA loophole is allowing people who have never paid tax in Britain to bill the NHS for healthcare in their own countries, an investigation has found. Foreign nationals who claim they are living in the UK are obtaining free European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) to charge the UK for treatment in their home countries, the Daily Mail said.

UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP:  "If the Tories don’t stop this going on, it will show once and for all that they prioritise the EU more than they care about the NHS and the health of British people.

"It is of course outrageous that this has been allowed to take place, but Cameron’s claim that the government didn’t know it was going on is equally unacceptable.

"It’s the job of the UK government to know where and how tax payers’ money is being spent, and they either did know about this crazy anomaly or they should have.

"More and more we are seeing Cameron being forced onto the back foot by revelations about the EU coming out in the newspapers. For once it would be nice if he admitted the extent of reasons why we should leave the EU without the public having to wait for them to be found-out by the media."

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