UKIP highlight failures of EU's flagship Biodiversity program

Published Mar 03, 2017

Stuartagnew.jpgIn response to the European Court of Auditors report that slammed the 'Natura 2000' program as needing "improvements" in "management, financing and monitoring". In an unusual move the ECA has criticised the delivery of a key EU policy, one that costs British taxpayers significant sums of money.

Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIPs Agriculture spokesman said: "British taxpayers, who disproportionately fund these well-meaning environmental schemes will be intensely irritated to hear that yet again their money is not being spent effectively abroad. They will also be irritated to learn that Natura 2000 was erroneously used by Green lobbyists to persuade our Government that dredging rivers was inadvisable, resulting in very serious flooding damage a few years ago."

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