UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP has criticised Theresa May for trying to rush knee-jerk and dangerous counter terrorism legislation through Parliament



UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James has criticised Theresa May for trying to rush knee-jerk and dangerous counter terrorism legislation through Parliament in order to mask her Government's failings.

"We know that radicalism is being harboured in our society, but for years successive Governments have wilfully ignored the warning signs of this and criticised those who did raise concerns, like UKIP, who the Conservatives called 'fruitcakes and racists.' Now we are seeing knee-jerk, non-specific and frankly dangerous legislation being rushed through Parliament by the end of next month.

"We have the strongest counter-terrorism legislation in the world through TPIMs. Yet there is a real risk here that the boost she wants to give current law will lead to individuals being targeted without due consideration to the presumption of innocence.

"May does not even specify who would be targeted and on what grounds, meaning anybody could be labelled as extremist. What we are left with could be abused to shut down free speech and discriminate against individuals and organisations disproportionately and without due cause.

"It's been cobbled together to try to reassure the public that the Government knows how to deal with the mounting threat of brutal terrorism in the Middle East.

"The broadcast block on extremist groups will only harden their arguments and lend credence to their cause. It failed with the IRA under Margaret Thatcher, and now with the internet as the main vehicle for radicalisation, it certainly won't work today.

"The causes of the societal divides that enable radicalism to prosper have been ignored for years. The Home Secretary talks about stopping Britain sleepwalking into segregation and sectarianism, when it is this that has enabled extremism to develop within our society. This Government has seen the creation of Muslim only free schools and has done nothing to counter the promotion of Sharia Law.

"The Government and the media are now waking up far too late to warnings that have been deemed taboo for well over a decade. Theresa May proclaimed that IS has nothing to do with Islam. Trying to separate the two for fear of causing insult is illogical and will not help us to investigate and really tackle the causes of the problem.​"

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