UKIP Housing Spokesman condemns George Osborne's plans

Published Jul 10, 2015

Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgNo government has presided over such wholesale destruction of the great British countryside and green belt as the present one. This is another 'stealth tactic' to unleash inappropriate residential developments on our already besieged green and pleasant land.

UKIP Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous has called for the government to "put together a clear, viable and co-ordinated brownfield strategy to bring our country out of the spiralling housing crisis".

"The government will now fast track major infrastructure projects including mega housing developments. Charalambous went on to say "we are determined to give people back power over the communities they live in. We will introduce planning referenda which will mean local residents and not big business decides how the communities we live in should look like".


"UKIP are the only party which will protect the British environment and countryside. We are the only party which will empowering individuals making them masters of their own destiny. We will implement a housing policy driven by the need to provide urgent affordable housing for hard working British people, not a housing policy designed to produce colossal profits for house builders and big business"

"If this government continues unabated we will hardly be able to recognise the beautiful Britain we once knew by the end of their term in power. If you want to preserve the spectacular British countryside for generations to come and protect a green space or playing field near you then join UKIP before it's too late."

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