UKIP Housing Spokesman responds to the ONS' latest House Price Index

Published Jun 16, 2015

andrew.jpgUKIP Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous responding to the ONS' latest House Price Index: "Clearly, England's house price rises are being driven by the South East and East of the country. The widening gap between house prices by region is a genuine reflection of a two speed England and of the widening gap between rich and poor.

"Far from building a 'Big Society' Cameron's policies are leading to the social cleansing of communities and families who have lived in the South East and other parts of the UK now being forced to move out because they cannot afford to live there anymore.

"Only UKIP has a housing policy based on choice not chance which will strengthen not beak up communities. For us housing is not just a matter of shelter but a tool for achieving fairness and social justice."

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