UKIP increases number of target seats in thrilling election campaign


UKIP has broadened its list of target seats for the forthcoming General Election.

The party will now target a significantly larger number of constituencies, including many in what have previously been regarded safe Conservative and Labour heartlands.

Party Leader Nigel Farage has asked newly elected UKIP MP Douglas Carswell to oversee the project alongside the Party's General Secretary, Roger Bird. The targets seats campaign will be run by Chris Bruni-Lowe who ran the successful by election campaign in Clacton and is currently working alongside Mark Reckless in Rochester.

Paul Sykes, recently announced as Chairman of UKIP's Campaign Committee, commented

"Nigel has put together an experienced team of organisers who really know how to win elections. We will be using the same creative team that worked on the European Election earlier in the year, in which we topped the polls nationally, getting 24 MEPs elected.

"The party has also captured hundreds of council seats and is currently witnessing an incredible insurgence across the country, dramatically ​changing the British political landscape for good. We are very much on the path to Westminster."

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