UKIP is the Party of Small Business

Published Apr 21, 2015

CDGr0-FWIAAUpFV.jpgUKIP is hailed as a champion of small businesses today with more than 100 small business bosses declaring their support for UKIP. In an open letter, published in today’s Daily Express, they heap praise on UKIP’s willingness to stand up to big companies while trumpeting its plan to help small firms.

Our planned crackdown on late payments by big companies to small suppliers is a “hugely welcome idea”, they write. UKIP’s promise to slash business rates for small and medium-sized companies, improve access to finance and boost local trade are also praised.

The authors add: "As people engaged in running some of the small enterprises that will create the bulk of new employment in this country in the years ahead, we are greatly encouraged to find a political champion in UKIP".

UKIP's Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans: "The Conservatives are in the pockets of the multinational corporations, Labour has become the anti-business party and UKIP is the party for small business."

"We have a fully funded £1.2bn plan to provide 20% rates relief on premises with a rateable value up to £50,000. That will potentially cover 90% of business premises."

"Small business is the life blood of the British economy and the source of most future jobs growth. UKIP is the party for sole traders and entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. We back the small platoons against the big battalions. That is why we are called the People's Army."

In a press briefing this morning Suzanne Evans set out UKIP's excellent policies for small businesses in our manifesto.

Chief among these are
- A £1bn+ boost for the high street through our policy of reducing business rates on premises with a rateable value under £50,000
- Setting up a confidential reporting channel on "late payers" with HMRC to allow small suppliers to prompt investigations into big purchasers who routinely pay late
- Encouraging local authorities to ensure at least half an hour of free parking on high streets
- Improved credit insurance for small businesses
- Exempting small businesses from irrelevant compliance rules when bidding for public sector contracts
- Cutting red tape on small businesses, for example by scrapping EU restrictions on what weights and measures goods for sale are denominated in
- We will push every local authority in the country to offer at least 30 minutes free parking in town centres, high streets and shopping parades, to encourage shoppers into our town centres and boost local business.

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