UKIP launches 10 candidates in Northern Ireland

Published Mar 19, 2015

IMG_3427.JPGUKIP held its official Northern Ireland candidate launch today in the grounds of Belfast City Hall, in bright sunshine at a well attended event with many party supporters and the broadcast media present. Also present were three of the Party’s MEPs – Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP, Leader in Wales Nathan Gill MEP and Scottish MEP David Coburn, representing all four parts of the UK.

“UKIP is introducing its 10 candidates to the media today,” explained UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA.

“Our message is that Northern Ireland voters have a chance to be part of a nationwide movement for change, for national renewal and a rebirth of national pride and patriotism. It gives voters the chance to use their vote to reject the old, tired, non-delivering parties in England, Scotland, Wales and now here in Northern Ireland, and to vote for real change in politics.

"UKIP is the vehicle for real change, for real people’s politics. It is the way to reject and overcome the self-interest and elitism of the old parties who have no regard for, or care little about, the tough problems people and families are facing.”

“UKIP intends to appoint its own Spokesman for Northern Ireland to show our commitment to Northern Ireland and to draw Northern Ireland closer into the United Kingdom. UKIP is the only party which is represented in all four parts of the UK – in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. UKIP is also a truly unionist party but a unionist party which, unlike the local parties, offers a national perspective and a national agenda. That is the only way Northern Ireland can better secure its place in the UK, by truly being a real, active part of the UK and UK politics.”

“Today’s message is – vote UKIP for new and better politics which puts the voter at the heart of things, puts voters’ interests first and does not take voters for granted.”

“A vote for UKIP is a vote for A true party of the Union, it is a vote for change and a Vote for UKIP it is a vote for UKIP. Not a vote for sham pacts.”

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