UKIP launches Immigration policy


Today in Central London, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP and UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP launched our Immigration policy.

UKIP would introduce a visa system based on the Australian points model. This would be an ethical visa system for work and study, based on the principle of equal application to all people. As Nigel Farage said in his article for the Daily Telegraph, UKIP's immigration policy is built on fairness. Watch Nigel's speech by clicking below:

Read onto to see what else we have announced.

UKIP will amongst other things:

  • Create a Migration Control Commission – with a remit to bring down net immigration, and establish a visa system based on an Australian points based system while assuring the right number of highly skilled workers from across the globe are able to enter
  • Increase Border Agency Staff by 2,500. Staff to be allocated in new division outside of current management structure
  • Establish an ethical Visa system for work, and study to be based on the principle of equal application to all people
  • Abolish rules discriminating EU citizens from non-EU citizens
  • No amnesty on illegal immigration


  • We would establish one passport queue for British Citizens and a second passport queue for Rest of the World;
  • We would increase Border Agency Staff by 2,500, with staff to be allocated in a new division outside of current management structure 
  • We would implement new technology that is able to ensure all passport and visa holders are counted in and out and identifies over-stayers, and we’d commence negotiations with other countries with biometric and improved technology for access to faster passport access to the UK.


  • UKIP plans to establish an ethical visa system for work, and study to be based on the principle of equal application to all people.
  • UKIP plans to abolish rules discriminating against non-EU citizens, in favour of EU citizens.
  • UKIP plans to establish a visa system based on the Australian points based system.
  • And UKIP plans a ‘Highly Skilled Workers’ only work visa, providing the opportunity for permanent leave to remain.


  • We’d have five tiers for visas
  • These include the Highly Skilled Work Visa, the Temporary Unskilled Workers Visa, Visitors Passes, the Student visa, and the Family Reunion visa.


  • We’d maintain principles of UN Convention on Refugees for Asylum and have immediate review of the asylum process which aims to speed up rights to Leave To Remain and discover logjam on those declined asylum statuses.

Illegal_Immigration.pngON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

  • UKIP will offer no amnesty on illegal immigration.
  • UKIP will increase the police enforcement team by 500 extra front line staff.
  • UKIP will improve technology at police stations to ensure better identification of illegal immigrants between enforcement and arrest.
  • And we’d review the current holding and accommodation for illegal immigrants.


  • Save for current applications and Highly Skilled Workers, approved asylum and family reunion, there will be no permanent leave to remain permitted outside of the new policy rules
  • Existing EU citizens will be offered the opportunity to seek permanent right to reside and citizenship in the UK when Britain leaves the European Union 
  • Criminals will lose the right of citizenship
  • And we would remove the passports of those who choose to fight alongside terrorist organisations.


  • UKIP says that all Highly Skilled Persons will be required to have Health Insurance for 5 years.
  • UKIP says that all immigrants under the new, Australian-style points system will have to make tax and national insurance contributions for five consecutive years before claiming UK benefits.
  • And UKIP wants our government to have a fund developed to cover those migrants who fall outside of the above or in NHS.
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