UKIP Leader attacks Boris Johnson over his call for mass amnesty of illegal immigrants

Published Apr 25, 2018

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called for a “broader amnesty” of illegal immigrants in the wake of the Windrush scandal. It is estimated that the kind of amnesty Johnson calls for could lead to over 500,000 illegal immigrants being granted British citizenship. You don't solve a problem by making things worse. Boris Johnson must not conflate an appalling error with a catastrophic mistake says UKIP.

Gerard Batten, the UKIP Leader said:​

"Boris Johnson has dusted down his old desire to provide a massive amnesty for illegal immigrants to this country. The Foreign Secretary is using the appalling failures of the Home Office over the 'Windrush Children', British citizens of decades standing who through incompetence have suffered indignity, discrimination and worse to burnish his 'liberal credentials'. He is asking for at least 500,000, possibly in the realms of over 1 million people to be given British citizenship, despite the fact they are in this country illegally.

"There is a world of difference between the suffering of a few hundred people, and the whitewashing of decades of Government failures over illegal immigration.

"The message that this will send out is quite the wrong one, ‘come to Britain’ he is saying, hide, evade the law, but don't worry in a few years we will just roll over and let you stay.

"In its way, it is as irresponsible as Mrs Merkel's invitation to the world to come to Europe.

"The UK did not vote to Leave the European Union and take control of its immigration policy just to rip up all our protections and sanctions against illegal immigration. 

"No amnesty for illegal immigrants. Decency and fair play to those who come here legally".

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