UKIP leader Nigel Farage condemns David Cameron for "breaking a solemn promise to the British people to get net annual immigration down to the tens of thousands"


UKIP leader Nigel Farage today condemned David Cameron for "breaking a solemn promise to the British people to get net annual immigration down to the tens of thousands".

Mr Farage spoke out as new official statistics showed that with less than a year to the end of the parliamentary term, net immigration is running at well above 200,000.

And it is immigration from other EU countries that is most out of control because Britain is powerless to stem the flow while we remain a member of the Brussels club.

While immigration from the rest of the world FELL by 11,000 in the year ending December 2013 compared to the year before, it ROSE by 43,000 from EU countries.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics also showed that an upsurge in new arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria was already in full swing in 2013 as citizens of those countries got ready for Britain to throw open its labour market. Migration from the two countries was 23,000 in 2013, compared to just 9,000 the year before.

The number of national insurance numbers issued to Romanians in the year ending March 2014 was 47,000, UP by 29,000 on the year before.

Mr Farage said: "With under a year left to the general election the verdict is clear. David Cameron has broken his solemn promise to the British people on one of the most important political issues. And he has done so because he refuses to take back control of our borders in respect of more than 400million people from more than two dozen countries on continental Europe.

"If people want to get both the volume and the quality of immigration under control then it is perfectly clear they should vote UKIP today.

"It is also clear that we are seeing a very significant surge in immigration into the British labour market from Romania and Bulgaria as well as a more general rise in EU immigration, just as I forecast. We simply cannot go on like this if we are to even begin the task of restoring the living standards and community cohesion available to millions of hardworking British families. Enough's enough."

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