UKIP Leader Nigel Farage explains his backing for a Civil Defence Corps



Politics is all about priorities. In an ideal world we would all like to be able to spend unlimited funds helping everyone who is in need.

But in the real world you have to decide which causes are the most deserving.

And when any government sees its own citizens suffering it is only common sense to say that they must come first.

For all of us who truly believe in Britain it is obvious that our obligation to our compatriots when they are in need and in peril must constitute the highest claim on our collective talents and resources.

I am convinced a civil defence corps, organised on a county basis, could have ensured people would not have been abandoned for so long.

Meeting Ravinder Singh and his Sikh volunteers on the Somerset Levels on Sunday, I was struck by his complaint of having had no official point of contact to tell him how best to help.

We used to have just such a civil defence arm but it was abolished by Harold Wilson back in the 1960s – another era when a silly consensus had taken hold that suggested everything should be left to the state.

But why not use the expertise and goodwill that exists among private citizens by giving them a local place to go to offer their services and find out how they can help?

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