UKIP Leader says no to British military intervention in Syria

Published Apr 12, 2018

Gerard Batten opposes British military action in Syria. The UKIP Leader warned that intervention would lead to a proxy war with Russia which would be, "not only dangerous to Britain, but the entire world."

Today, Prime Minister Theresa May called for a special Cabinet meeting to approve UK military action in Syria, in the wake of an alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime.

Mr Batten commented:

"Mrs May should not allow the UK to get sucked into a war in Syria.

"There is no proof that the Assad regime is responsible for the chemical attack on civilians.

"Whoever is responsible, our involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts has been disastrous for Britain and achieved nothing but further disorder in the region. By going to war with Syria, we would also be entering into a proxy war with Russia, which is not only dangerous for Britain but the entire world.

"While I realise that working for the 'national interest' is an alien concept to Mrs May and our political establishment, they nevertheless should not be dragged into a war on the say so of Donald Trump or anyone else."

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