UKIP Leader slams open borders worker exploitation

Published Apr 24, 2018

MPs have announced that they are to investigate the growth of hand car-wash services in the UK, due to concerns they are exploiting workers. 


The anti-slavery commissioner expressed concerns about conditions in the industry, amid reports of workers being housed eight to a room and not being paid the minimum wage. 

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten today slammed the state of Britain’s immigration system, which enables nefarious networks for trafficking and slavery to exist. 

Mr Batten said: 

"This 'revelation' tells us nothing we don't already know, but which our politically correct masters do not want to admit.

"Britain's lack of any meaningful immigration policy means that people are being imported by the millions, in many cases to be exploited as the cheapest of cheap labour.

"No doubt the call will be for more laws and regulation, which as usual will address the symptoms of the problem and not the cause.

"Britain’s immigration policy is effectively, 'the more the merrier’, except we are not getting merrier.

"A lack of any meaningful controls means that poor people are imported in order to be exploited, while the living standards of our own people are driven down.

"We see lower wages for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, whilst the costs of accommodation are driven up. And those at the bottom are in competition with migrants for benefits and public services.

"Open borders are a fetish of the politically correct elite. They do nothing to help the bulk of the British people or aid the real economy. 

"UKIP wants a complete exit from the EU. Only then can issues such as our disgraceful immigration system be addressed."

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