UKIP Leader visits Rochdale to join Parents Against Grooming march

Published Apr 12, 2018

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is in Rochdale today to support the Parents Against Grooming group in their march through the town.

UKIP is fielding three candidates in Rochdale and they will be highlighting the Labour-controlled council's failure to deal with systematic child abuse in areas under their authority.

Mr Batten said:

"I was pleased to accept the invitation to come and support the parents and victims of these terrible crimes.

"We have still to uncover and understand the full extent of these crimes, and what is still going on.

"A recurring theme in these abuse and sex slavery cases is that they are predominantly happening in Labour-controlled local authorities. The police, social services, and Labour have all failed the most vulnerable members of our society - children.

"In particular in Rochdale, it has been shown that an arch-perpetrator of these crimes, Cyril Smith, was protected from prosecution. We need to know why.

"If elected on 3rd May, UKIP councillors will have a special responsibility to ensure that a spotlight is shone on these terrible crimes so that they can be eradicated once and for all."

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