UKIP Leadership: 11 Applicants Announced

Published Aug 04, 2017

Piers Wauchope, the Returning Officer, has asked me to pass on to you the following statement. (I say this because I have a enough people already writing to accuse me of rigging the election, and would like you all to know that I am just passing this on for the man who is actually running it). Here is his message:

The Returning Officer has today confirmed that there are eleven applicants for next month's leadership election.

They are (in alphabetical order):

• David Allen
• Henry Bolton
• David Coburn
• Jane Collins
• David Kurten
• Marion Mason
• Aidan Powlesland
• John Rees-Evans
• Ben Walker
• Anne Marie Waters
• Peter Whittle

We are in the process of verifying their information and completing vetting checks in preparation for the next NEC meeting on 11th August. Once the NEC has approved the final list, we will let you know the names of the candidates who will appear on the ballot paper.*

This leadership ballot will be managed by Electoral Reform Services who will issue ballot papers on 1st September.

Many regions have confirmed details of their hustings. Please contact your Branch Chairman if you would like to find out more details about any of the following:

23rd August – South West

24th August – Yorkshire

31st August – South East

3rd September – East Midlands

4th September – London Official

5th September – London Region

11th September – West Midlands

[*When Piers says ‘we’ here, he means himself and the Candidates team who are assisting him. He does not mean me. SC]

UKIP making the news on Brexit this week

If you are one of those who thinks we should be more ‘proactive’, you may be interested to know that two major Brexit news stories in the past three days have been created by our Press Officers in London and Brussels.

Wednesday’s story about the £500m bill the EU have incurred by failing to insert break clauses into their UK leases, and the admission that 75% of their agencies’ staff don’t want to leave London, was created by us following a meeting attended by Delegation Leader Ray Finch MEP – although the printed Daily Telegraph cut Ray’s quote and used a Tory instead.

Yesterday’s widespread story about Michael Gove promising the Danes that they can still catch our fish after Brexit – covered in all major papers and on the BBC – was another scoop for UKIP’s press team. Mike Hookem’s statement breaking the story can be read here.

Lord Pearson hounds the BBC on Brexit bias

As you may know, Malcolm Pearson, our Leader in the Lords, focuses much of his time on his project Newswatch, which is dedicated to analysing the ‘impartiality’ of the BBC, particularly in respect of the EU, but also immigration and climate change.

On 5th July a cross-party delegation of MPs took Newswatch’s latest report to the BBC, showing that Radio 4 listeners were two-and-a-half times more likely to hear a pro-EU speaker than an anti-EU one. Now the BBC has responded, rejecting the suggestion of impartiality and the group’s call for new guidelines on the subject.

You can follow Malcolm’s ongoing campaign for BBC probity here.

Meanwhile, the FT Editor Lionel Barber has accidentally revealed that he was last year appointed a Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur by France in recognition of his ‘positive role in the European debate’.

To see more examples of this ‘positive role’, keep an eye on the Twitter page #DespiteBrexit, which last week had the classic FT front page ‘Electric Mini to be built in UK by BMW despite Brexit’.

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