UKIP Local Election Manifesto 2018

Published Apr 19, 2018

Download The Manifesto Here

Download Our Manifesto Here

Local elections are about local issues but there are also an opportunity to vote on national issues.

Our UKIP candidates will stand on local issues but they also give voters a chance to vote on some of the big issues that UKIP stands for, e.g.:

· Brexit – a complete exit from the European Union. Brexit Means Exit!

· Immigration – And end to the age of mass uncontrolled immigration, and its replacement with a controlled and limited immigration system.

· An economy that works for all – polices that produce jobs, homes and decent standard of living for all.

If local elections are taking place in your area then please do what you can to help your local UKIP candidate. Contact your local branch for details.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader

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