UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten responds to the latest immigration figures

Published May 26, 2016

DavidKurtenWeb.jpgDavid Kurten AM responding to the immigration figures said,

"With net immigration now hitting 333,000 per year, it is clear that the present government has no plan to reduce immigration to sustainable levels. London is in the midst of a serious housing crisis and the transport network, primary schools, surgeries and hospitals are bursting at the seams.

"With the population of London now expected to grow by another million in the next 8 years, the situation and quality of life for Londoners will continue to deteriorate. In the Mayor’s question time yesterday, the new Mayor refused to commit to building 80,000 homes per year as was reportedly in his manifesto.

"The only way to solve the housing crisis and to alleviate pressure on London’s public services is to substantially reduce immigration. For this to happen, the United Kingdom needs to leave the European Union and regain control of its borders."

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