UKIP London Mayoral candidate backs call for Coin Street Community Builders to refuse permission for the Garden Bridge

Published Mar 08, 2016

Peter_Whittle.pngUKIP London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle has backed calls by Kate Hoey MP for Coin Street Community Builders, who own the land on the south bank of the Thames on which the Garden Bridge would be developed, to refuse permission for the project. Coin Street’s permission is the final major step before work on the bridge can start.

Peter Whittle said, “I have consistently said that the Garden Bridge, which I think is shaping up to be a perfect example of monetisation of public space, should be scrapped as should any other large scale vanity projects. This is a project for the elite rather than for Londoners.

“If built, the Garden Bridge will be a bridge which you won’t be allowed to cycle across, where you will have to give notice if there are more than eight of you in a group, and which will be closed regularly for corporate functions. A bad use of at least £60 million of public money.

“I support the call made by Kate Hoey MP and others to Coin Street Community Builders, and I would hope CSB heed their call and refuse permission for the project.”

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