UKIP membership hits record high as the party goes from strength to strength ahead of May’s European and local elections


UKIP is today delighted to announce that the party’s membership has topped 36,000 – with a new surge of applications having followed Nigel Farage’s televised debates against Nick Clegg.

The confirmed membership now stands at 36,015, with staff at the party’s headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon, still working around the clock to get through a glut of applications.

UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O’Flynn said: “This is more superb news for UKIP. On present trends we will overtake the Lib Dems in terms of membership figures before the general election – just as we have already overtaken them in terms of opinion poll support.

“Nigel Farage’s performance and the arguments he advanced in those televised debates have certainly been key factors behind yet another UKIP membership surge.

“When Nigel asked people to come and join the people’s army at the end of the second debate there were viewers from all over the country who decided to do just that.”

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