UKIP membership surges to yet another new high

Published May 06, 2014

UKIP is delighted to announce today that party membership has topped 37,000 for the first time as more and more people sign up to Nigel Farage’s People’s Army.

The officially confirmed figure as of this morning is 37,005 after the party’s membership department worked throughout the bank holiday weekend to tackle the latest backlog of applications.

With significant numbers of new applications still flooding in every day, UKIP is on course on current trends to overtake the Lib Dem membership of 44,000 before the next general election.

UKIP Communications Director Patrick O’Flynn said: “These are very exciting times for UKIP. People from right across Britain are still responding to Nigel Farage’s invitation to come and join his People’s Army.

“I would like to thank our membership team for all their hard work processing unprecedented numbers of applications.”

UKIP’s Facebook site is also growing at a tremendous rate. It went through 100,000 “likes” on Thursday and today is already above 111,000. If current trends are sustained it will overtake the Conservative and Labour Facebook sites before the summer.

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