Failed chancellor and Standard editor branded 'a disgrace' by Jane Collins

Published Jul 10, 2017
UKIP MEP Jane Collins, who survived breast cancer, called Standard editor George Osborne "a disgrace" for "using his prejudiced against Brexit to scare cancer patients."
"Are there any depths to which he will not stoop?" She asked. 
Once again the failed Tory chancellor is using his power at the Evening Standard to employ his Project Fear tactics from the referendum to scupper Brexit. 
"The biggest producers of these isotopes are Canada and Argentina; how do you think Norway and the USA survive? They import.
"For a longer term strategy we could build a small isotope producing reactor in the UK.   The NHS is perfectly placed to commission one for the UK creating jobs and a stability of supply.
"The MHRA could then license the isotopes.
"There is no place for the media to maliciously use a hideous illness to try to overturn the will of the people."
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