UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson has been suspended from the party and has had the whip removed, following allegations of a serious financial nature


A spokesman for UKIP said: “The party is incredibly disappointed with Ms. Atkinson, who appears to have exercised extremely poor judgement in acting in a way that the party has never, and would never condone. The party has acted swiftly and immediately, and just as we showed when we suspended another MEP for financial irregularities, we always maintain a zero tolerance attitude towards acts of this nature.​

Speaking on #PhoneFarage on LBC today UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that he was deeply shocked by the incident which was recorded by the Sun newspaper.

Nigel Farage said on LBC this morning: "Well I was deeply shocked when I saw it. I thought it was one of the most incredibly stupid and dishonest things I’ve ever seen in my life. This was a member of staff as you quite rightly say. Exactly what the relationship between that member of staff, the asking for a false bill and Janice Atkinson is I don’t know.

"We have suspended Janice Atkinson and we will hold a disciplinary hearing as soon as possible which will be chaired independently by somebody from the legal profession. And there will be representatives of the national executive of UKIP there. And we will ask the questions and we will judge. It would be a mistake for me to prejudge this but on the evidence of what that member of staff did it does not look very good."

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